Power Women are an inspiration to us all.

Accommodating and flexible by nature, yet strong and immovable on points of principle;
always determined, but always aware of circumstance. 


The Moves Power Women movement is a result of obvious and unfair bias. In an effort to spotlight this loss of potential in the majority of the human race, Moves set out to focus attention on those who, despite the odds, broke out. From all walks, Moves finds examples of these strong and relentless individuals who lead by example and move the needle on gender equality. Women’s rights are human rights.

Our exciting past years consist of such strong personalities, such as Cherie Blair CBE, QC, media mogul Arianna Huffington, U.S. Congresswoman Deborah Wasserman Shultz, international concert pianist, Hélène Grimaud, actress/activist Kerry Washington, Susan Sarandon, Ashley Judd, The Enough Projects’ Andie MacDowell and Robin Wright, super-models Iman and Christie Brinkley, and best selling author Jodi Picoult, Shark Lori Greiner, the Howard Stern Show’s Robin Quivers, Cablevision CEO, Kristin Dolan and U.S. Women’s Soccer Champion, Hope Solo. We have been pleased to honor fashion icons Betsey Johnson & Cynthia Rowley, BET CEO Debra L. Lee, Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman, NPR president Vivian Schiller, The Woodhull Institute’s Naomi Wolf, ACLU President Nadine Strossen, and Women’s Prison Executive Georgia K. Lerner.


For twenty years, Moves Magazine has honored strong, savvy, exceptional women who are leaders from all sectors of business and society in its annual Power Women Awards Gala. “It’s now time to bring all these amazing honorees together under one umbrella organization and maximize the tremendous collective potential.”

The annual Power issue honors influential and successful women in various fields; those who have a marked and practical influence and make a difference in real lives. Power in its many forms – strength, character, substance, quality – affects people in very different, profound, and unique ways. But at its best, it makes life better for everyone. As we put together the list of possible candidates for every Power Women issue, the women selected show all dedication, drive, and recognition in their chosen sphere, an inspiration for so many women.